plasticos termocromicos

Science is taking giant leaps forward and the range of everyday objects, such as clothes hangers, that can be made from intelligent materials is increasing.

One of the most remarkable materials is thermochromic plastic. It contains pigments that enable plastic to change colour when something nearby, a human body, the environment, liquids, etc., changes temperature. The change can be reversible or irreversible, depending on how the material is formulated.

Its use can provide added value for companies in industry sectors such as food, automotive, construction, electrical and electronics, where temperature is a critical parameter.

There are different standard temperature ranges in which the material becomes affected, but generally speaking, it can be adapted to temperature fluctuations of between -10 ºC and +69 ºC.

The wide variety of colours means the material has a huge number of applications, such as PVC tubes that track the passage of liquid according to its temperature; material that can monitor engine overheating; toys that change colour when touched and are able to detect if a child is feverish; spoons that change colour when food is very hot; toothbrushes, etc.