Erum Group’s R&D department are studying a possible future investment in the revolutionary technology of moulding plastics by ultrasound. The technique can be applied to the manufacture of high precision items where quality and miniaturisation requirements present new technological challenges.

This technology radically changes the conventional concept of plastification of materials because it combines a mechanical heating process (by ultrasound) with a vertical injector and mould, facilitating the flow of material into the mould at very low pressures.  Only the energy provided by the ultrasonic head is used, without resistances, spindles or pre-plastification chambers. This opens up an wide range of possibilities for manufacturing complex components.

This process overcomes some of the limitations of traditional moulding technologies such as over moulding pressure-sensitive components, degradation of materials and wastage of material by spindle purge, colour change or machine stoppage.

Other advantages include precision in replication of micro cavities with thin walls and high precision details, extremely low energy consumption and prevention of degradation of sensitive materials.

In addition, the technique solves the problem of breakage of extremely long and thin cores, which the high pressure of the conventional injection process has not been able to resolve to date.