Different cultures, same values

We challenge the established in
order to leave
our legacy

From 1920 till today, the Erum family has dedicated its efforts, with work and commitment, to be one of the leading companies in its sector, manufacturing products and services that exceed the limits of the plastics industry.



The fourth generation

They are the ones who lead the company. Being responsible for caring for the planet and working every day for a future without waste.

Juan Manuel Erum

CEO at Erum Dynamic Solution

Coral Erum

CEO América and Asia at Erum Dynamic Solution

Juan Manuel Erum

CCO and CEO at Erum Dynamic Solution

Blanca Erum

CEO Europa and África at Erum Dynamic Solution

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Currently, the fourth generation is the one who leads the company, consolidating the internationalization process with great steps and betting on diversification.

This is based on the theory of union by synergies (market) and symbiosis with the client (activity), with the aim of offering similar opportunities regardless of country and culture.


Sustainability is not only reflected in the commitment to the environment, but also to everything that surrounds us.

We put people first and care about their well-being and that of their communities. It does not matter where you were born, in Erum different cultures coexist sharing the same values

We are committed to the growth of our team, training them and focusing on their progress.

We challenge what is established to enhance our legacy and we believe that the best way to move forward is by doing it together.

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