Women in industry: Challenges and progress

Women in industry: Challenges and progress

According to the National Institute of Statistics, in recent decades there has been a significant increase in the number of women in the labour market, which indicates that we are on the right path and that we are continuing to progress as a society. Although at the moment, the statistics are not entirely balanced, there are several social and cultural factors that intervene.

Here at Erum Group, we are clear about this. Our commitment as a company is to offer the same opportunities to all people, regardless of their sex, religion or sexual orientation. That is why we continue to work hard every day in our company to achieve equality in all senses, as you can see in other articles on our blog related to women in the industry.

That is why we are always looking for people who add value to our projects, whether they are women or men, with international attitudes and concerns and a desire to improve professionally. After all, our team is what has made us a reference in the plastics industry.


The challenges women are facing in the labour market

There is still a gender gap in technological and scientific careers. The number of men choosing technological studies in Spain is five times higher than that of women, and this gap continues to grow, as stated in the report “Women in the digital economy in Spain 2018”, by the association DigitalES.

Technical careers have a greater male presence, although this is changing in recent years and we expect to see more and more female representation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers, due to the increase of female references in these fields that allow girls to see themselves reflected in these types of positions from childhood. 

In addition, we also know that there is a very large wage gap in employment, with a wage difference of up to 30%. As a leading company in the plastics industry, we are breaking down these barriers and have managed to make our company inclusive and equal for all the people who form part of it.

From our position as active agents in society, we are aware of the importance of our actions and the social change they can have, being at all times engaged in the promotion of equal opportunities and the commitment to a cohesive and qualified team.

Sello de igualdad

Equality label: A challenge for the industrial sector

Getting this recognition from the Association of Businesswomen of the Province of Alicante is more than a compliment, it is a well-deserved award for our deepest commitment, for being true to our values and for achieving a fairer and more inclusive society.


At Erum Group we have encouraged, and will continue to encourage, the professional development and growth of many women who, just like men, prove every day that they are highly deserving of their position in the workplace.


Our equality plan, work-life balance policies and continuous training guarantee that these guidelines will be implemented in our Group, creating multidisciplinary teams of both sexes where values and opportunities are equal for all.