Would you like to learn how to apply sustainable consumption in your daily life?

Would you like to learn how to apply sustainable consumption in your daily life?

In these times where nature seems to have turned against humanity, it is not surprising that more and more companies and individuals are considering different alternatives to follow our pace of life without harming the environment.

Responsible consumption of resources is one of the great measures that we can consider at an individual level to do our bit in caring for the world we live in.


What does sustainable consumption consist of?

This new way of life through ethical consumption is a trend that is beginning to become part of our daily lives, with the objective that the collective is above the individual. This way of consuming in a critical and conscious way will make you see that, thanks to your small daily actions, you can greatly reduce environmental damage.

Sustainable consumption should encompass all our daily actions, from the creation of more sustainable homes to a more ethical behaviour when consuming natural resources such as food, water, electricity…

Somehow it is to make our actions beneficial to nature, generating a closed circle in which each of us is a link and we can achieve a better world for everyone, this is known as Circular Economy.

In 2020 the European Union has created a Circular Economy Action Plan where eco-design has been proposed through 100% recycled materials to extend the useful life of items we use every day, such as coat hangers, packaging, automotive components, among others, and thus leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

On an individual level, there are also simple actions you can take to become a sustainable consumer who advocates using and reusing the resources of our planet in a conscious and sincere way. Do you know what these “simple actions” we are talking about could be? 


5 challenges to be a sustainable consumer

  1. Change your habits

Bottle packaging is one of the greatest threats to environmental pollution, because many people do not recycle them. By using reusable bottles made from recycled plastics you will be doing your bit, taking hundreds of disposable bottles out of the landfill every year. Of course, whenever you have to use plastic bottles for any reason, once you have used them, put them in the yellow container.

  1. Reuse your bags or use cloth bags

There are a multitude of formats, designs and sizes of bags. However, even if these bags are available free of charge, we still find people carrying new plastic bags at the supermarket exit. A good alternative is to reuse plastic bags we have at home or replace them with cloth bags. There is an increasing variety of models on the market. In this way, in addition to helping the planet, you can enjoy carrying a comfortable and useful accessory that goes with your look.

  1. Make your home more sustainable

Something that has been talked about a lot in the Circular Economy Action Plan is the design of homes to turn them into sustainable homes. For example, installing an automatic system in your bathroom that allows the faucet to close as soon as you take your hand off the sensor or opting for awnings, blinds or shutters made from recyclable materials that have good performance and reduce the use of other electrical appliances to control the temperature.

  1. Supports eco-friendly companies and brands

Research before purchasing a product its composition and also the company behind its manufacture. Bet on companies and brands that make environmentally friendly products and/or services. It is a way to continue researching and thriving in the achievement of increasingly sustainable products.

  1. More bicycles and public transportation

Reduce the use of the private car and take a leap into the new era of bicycles and the already known means of public transport that have made a qualitative and quantitative leap in recent years. This simple action will not only reduce pollution, but it is also a way to keep fit without even realizing it.

In addition, the rapid evolution of car and motorcycle rental services through Apps, as well as car sharing platforms, also offer a more ecological alternative and in balance with the environment that surrounds us.

Being a responsible consumer is not such a difficult task, don’t you think?

We encourage you to put at least one of these 5 actions into practice every day.