he CRF02 model has been specially designed to present knitted garments, dresses, garments with straps and trousers and, therefore, its construction is that of a straight plastic hanger. In addition, to allow to show the garments in the most attractive way possible and offer perfect support, it has a very extensive neck area, so that this part of the garment can be placed on it in an ideal way.

This adaptability to the garment to be shown is reinforced by the fact that it is available in several sizes, allowing to choose the most suitable in each case.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Design details

The CRF02 has a bar at the bottom that allows to present trousers on it and thus offers the possibility to show combined garments on the same hanger, making it stand out in a special way as the garments are enhanced when combined.

In addition, without moving away from the lower part of the hanger, we can see that the end of the arms of the CRF02 model form a high angle, which improves the presentation of the garments by preventing any markings on them as it follows the natural shape of the shoulders.

Each part of the CRF02 model has been designed to serve a specific purpose, to present the garments in the most attractive way possible. This causes this model to have notches on top of its arms that allow it to perfectly hold strap garments. These notches are very long, which allows this grip to be more delicate with the garments and also gives it greater versatility because it can hold both narrow and wide straps offering an ideal support to all of them.

The CRF02 does not just adapt to the garments so they are perfectly presented but is also able to adapt to the establishment with the same efficiency, as it can be chosen in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Moreover, and to allow to create a unique product for each establishment, the width of its neck allows to have a very wide area that can be printed.

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