The CRF09PG was conceived as a hanger that offered excellent support to a wide variety of garments, which is reflected in the ability of this hanger to present, in a very attractive way, shirts, hoodies, jackets, pyjamas, dresses or T-shirts.

To allow the CRF09PG to fully adapt to any garment you wanted to display on it, it was created in various sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

One hanger, many functions

The CRF09PG features upper notches integrated in its arms that allow to present on this hanger garments with straps, ensuring their perfect support. These notches, in turn, are characterized by their length. Being long, they facilitate the adaptability of the CRF09PG model to a wide variety of garments with a wide range of strap widths.

The CRF09PG is defined as a straight plastic hanger created entirely of plastic as its hook is also of this material, which makes it especially resistant since it has been built in a single piece and its components cannot be separated from each other.

The CRF09PG is characterized by its absolute adaptability to any establishment, which makes it the ideal hanger to meet all your needs. The transformation into an element of the environment that it is put in, can be done through the colour of the body, as it can be chosen from a wide variety or through the incorporation of your logo on its neck.

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