Erum hanger CRF13

The CRF13 is a straight plastic hanger designed to create a perfect match with the CRF09 model and thus allow to present combined garments since it shows off in an excellent way skirts and trousers.

To achieve an ideal adaptation to the garments, the CRF13 is available in several sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)

The ideal complement

The CRF13, by forming the perfect pair with the CRF09 model, gets all the advantages that it provides to the top garments of the sets, but at the same time offers great added value to the CRF09 by allowing it to present combined garments, enhancing both when combined.

The CRF13 is able to carry out its work of presenting lower garments thanks to the strong clips it has, which offer an ideal support and allow the garments to be presented in a very attractive way allowing to perceive much better the fall and structure of the fabrics.

To allow the perfect connection with the CRF09 model, the CRF13 has a connector integrated into its body, so that the union between these different models is easier, safer and more comfortable.

The CRF13 has great versatility to adapt to your environment and respond to any aesthetic need as it can be chosen in a wide variety of colours which adds to its high functionality a great aesthetic value for the establishment.

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