The Erum Group renews its collaboration with the NGO Payasospital to bring smiles to children

The NGO works on clown intervention programs in hospitals, with the aim of improving the quality of life of hospitalized children.

The Erum Group renews its social commitment to the little ones, with the satisfaction of being able to bring a smile to children during their stay in the hospital

The NGO Payasospital and the Erum Group have renewed their collaboration agreement, with the aim of promoting the well-being of hospitalized children and their families thanks to the incredible work of their professional clowns, who manage to make the little ones smile during their stay in hospital centers.

With the new signing of the agreement, held at the Erum headquarters in Alcoy (Alicante) and with the presence of Coral Erum, CEO of the Group and Maite Espí, head of marketing for the NGO, the Payasospital Association will be able to count on more resources to continue their humanitarian and emotional support work for boys and girls.

Performances by professional clowns in hospitals

Payasospital will bring their smiles to the Hospital Clínico Universitario, La Fe, Dr. Peset, Hospital General de Castellón, Hospital la Plana de Vila Real, Hospital General de Alicante, Hospital San Juan de Alicante and Hospital General de Elche, with activities aimed at providing moments of relaxation and distraction for the little ones, with the aim of creating a more positive environment during the hospital stay.

Among the activities are the participation of professional clowns, who, with their joy and creativity, will provide moments of fun and entertainment. These interventions will be carried out through live performances, interactive games and other dynamics specially designed for each hospital.

Coral Erum, CEO: “There is nothing more gratifying than making a child smile at a difficult time. My appreciation to Payasospital and its volunteers for their fantastic work”.

The signing of this agreement reinforces the commitment of both organizations with social responsibility and the well-being of the community. Both Payasospital and the Erum Group are proud to join forces to bring joy and hope to children going through difficult times in hospitals, and hope that this collaboration will be an inspiring example for other companies and entities committed to social welfare.