If what you are looking for is a skirt hanger that fully adapts to a wide variety of garments, then the CAP model is your ideal hanger, as it is the skirt hanger model with the biggest variety of sizes that you can find among all the models in our catalogue

This feature makes the CAP model a family hanger as it can present everything from garments for the younger ones in the household to ladies’ clothing.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

The family united in a hanger

The CAP model is a straight plastic hanger with clips and, these clips are also adjustable as they can slide along its body, something that, together with the huge variety of sizes it has, makes it a very versatile hanger model.

Another great advantage offered by the CAP model clips, is that there are two options, to choose the one that best suits the particular needs in each case, but, to prevent the garments of more delicate fabrics from being damaged and not to give up an excellent support, both models have a soft rubber cushion.

It is very important to note that the CAP model does not only adapt perfectly to the garments it presents, but is able to integrate perfectly into the establishment in which it performs its function, as it can be made in the any colour asked for. In addition, it is possible to place the logo of the establishment on its body thanks to an area reserved for this purpose.