The CRF01 is a very elegant straight plastic hanger due to its thin line in which it highlights the width of its neck area, which allows to give better support to the garments and especially to the collars of these, which makes its presentation more attractive.

The CRF01 has been specially designed to support knitted garments, dresses and garments with suspenders and, to allow these garments to be presented in the most appropriate way possible, it is available in several sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Flattering elegance

The CRF01 includes notches on top of its arms that allows you to hang garments with straps more appropriately. In addition, these notches are long, allowing a softer fastening of the garments and making it a much more versatile hanger since it makes it possible to show garments with straps of different thickness.

The CRF01 is also characterized by having its arms at a high angle, allowing for a more attractive presentation by minimizing the possibility of the hanger leaving marks on the clothing.

The neck area of the CRF01 model is very wide, allowing customization by means of tampo-printing any element you want to include on it. In addition, to be able to fully adapt to your establishment, the CRF01 hanger is available in various colours and finishes.

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