The PRp model can be defined as a straight plastic hanger for skirts whose most noteworthy feature is the fact that its clips are fixed to the ends of its body. Unlike the hangers with adjustable clips, this feature favours that the clips do not move accidentally creating unsightly wrinkles in the garments, thus ensuring that the skirts are always presented in the most attractive way possible.

The fixed clips on this hanger might make you think that the functionality of the PRp model is very limited, but to ensure the perfect adaptability of the hanger to the garment you need to present, it is available in several sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Flexible stiffness

The Clips of the PRp model have a metal closure, its use is very intuitive since it only has to be moved up to open the clamp and down to secure the garment on the clips, offering an excellent fastening. In addition, to enhance the secure support of the garments, the inside of the clips has small plastic teeth that will prevent the garments from slipping.

The PRp model has been created following a design that has made its construction very robust, something that is also enhanced by the hook, also made of plastic, as the hanger is made in a single piece, and it has no joints that could become a weak spot.

There are hangers that contrast with the rest of the establishment and do not integrate into it, but that is not the case of the PRp model as it can adapt to its environment by being able to be chose from a wide variety of colours for it, and, in addition the company logo can be printed on its body.