The main principle during the design of the V21p was to achieve a hanger that was located halfway between a shirt model and those of tailoring, so that the advantages of both categories were pooled. This makes the V21p a very versatile hanger in which you can present shirts, hoodies, jackets, pyjamas, dresses or T-shirts, while being very elegant.

The versatility of the v21p model is reinforced by having several sizes to choose from that best suit to your needs.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

The union of two worlds

The V21p is a curved plastic hanger with soft lines that favour the presentation of garments in a very attractive way. In addition, it is a very robust hanger since its hook is also plastic.

On the other hand, to allow the presentation of strap garment, the V21p has notches incorporated in the lower part of its arms to allow a better support of this type of garments.

If you analyse the arms of the V21p in detail, you can see that they are shaped, widening slightly in the shoulder area to allow better support of the garments it carries.

The V21p has more details that give it much more functionality, such as the belt holder that it integrates under its neck, which allows this type of complement to be presented together with other garments enhancing how they stand out when combined.

The versatility of the V21p model is not only focused on its great adaptability to a wide amount of garments, but is also able to integrate perfectly into the establishment in which it is located since there is a wide variety of colours in which it can be chosen and, in addition, it has a specially dedicated area on the neck to be able to place its logo or any other graphic element.

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