The ZAmb model can be defined as a straight plastic hanger with a narrow profile, which does not reduce its resistance at all since it remains a very strong hanger, ideal to hold a wide variety of garments since it has been designed to be able to present shirts, hoodies, jackets, pyjamas, dresses, trousers or T-shirts enhancing its appeal.

To enhance its versatility and be able to adapt perfectly to this wide variety of garments, the ZAm model can be chosen in different sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Full functionality

If we look closely at the ZAmb model, we can see that it has a bar at the bottom that allows to hang trousers on it and, therefore, show, together, combined garments. In addition, it has a small hook on each side of the bar to allow to place a rubber cord that will increase retention of the trousers preventing them from slipping.

If we move from the bottom of the hanger to the top, we can realize that the ZAmb model has integrated notches that improve the fastening of garments with straps and, due to their length, allows a soft grip on the garment and makes it possible to present a wide range of garments with different thicknesses on the straps.

We can go back down the body of the hanger to find a wide area on the neck designed to allow maximum customization since, on it, you can include, through various techniques, the logo of the establishment of which it will be part of. It also allows an even greater adaptability to the environment of this establishment by selecting different colours for the body.

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