The CRF09P2BG is a straight plastic hanger designed to present garments as diverse as shirts, hoodies, jackets, dresses or T-shirts allowing all of them to stand out and be very attractive.

To increase the versatility of the CRF09P2BG model and allow it to adapt much better to the garments you want to present on it, it can be chosen in various sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

The union of two garments

The great potential of the CRF09P2BG model lies in its double arm that allows to present groups of two garments together allowing both to obtain an excellent visualization since none of them are completely hidden. This design also allows to optimize the available space since the presentation of the garment pack takes up only the space of one hanger.

To allow the garments to be securely fastened, the CRF09P2BG has notches integrated onto the top of its arms that offer a soft but firm support of the garments with straps. These notches are also especially long to allow optimal support to a wide variety of strap widths.

Aesthetically, the CRF09P2BG model highlights the softness of its shapes, which is only broken by the notches on its arms and the continuity offered by its plastic hook since, being completely formed by a single material, there is no division in its construction, something that also makes the hanger especially robust.

The CRF09P2BG has been designed to allow maximum adaptation of the hanger to the environment in which it is located, which is reflected in the wide variety of colours in which it is available and, in addition, to fully adapt to the establishment in which it is located, it has a wide area on the neck that allows to print the logo or any other graphic element that you want to include.

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