The UEb model can be defined as a straight plastic hanger that has a metal bar at the bottom and clips of this same material and has been designed to present lingerie and corsetry garments such as nightgowns, sets or garments with straps.

So that such a wide range of garments can be ideally presented, requires that the UEb model is available in various sizes, adapting perfectly to the displayed garment.

Longitud (mm)Anchura (mm)Ventana
3607Green and black
42010Green and black

Aesthetic functionality

The body of the UEb model describes a soft line that makes it a very elegant hanger. In addition, although this hanger incorporates notches on the top of its arms that allow a perfect support of the garments straps, they do not break this delicate line since they integrate perfectly into the body of the hanger.

The notches of the UEb model also stand out for being especially long, which allows them to rest comfortably, without creating wrinkles that are unsightly, garments with wide shoulder straps, giving great flexibility to present garments with a wide range of strap widths.

The UEb model also has a metal bar at the bottom with adjustable and sliding clips. Although the clips are metallic, to offer a soft fastening that protects the fabric of the garments that are placed on them, they have rubber pads that also ensure that the garments are held firmly and securely.

The UEb model does not just perfectly fulfil its practical function but can also bring great aesthetic value to the establishment in which it is located as it can be chosen in a wide variety of colours.

In addition. The UEb model may have a small window on its neck that allows the hook to rotate, so that the hanger can be hung in any direction or position.

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