Bra and knicker sets or bikinis need a hanger that maintains the union of both garments, a job that the PBAH model fulfils perfectly and is also capable of presenting nightgowns. All this is achieved thanks to that it is a straight plastic hanger with clips.

In order to adapt much better to the sets you need to display, the PBAH model is available in two sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

The union that remains

To present the upper parts of the sets or bikinis, the PBAH model has notches on top in which you can easily place the straps of the garments, obtaining excellent support.

In addition, thanks to the clips on the ends of the PBAH model, the bottoms from the sets and bikinis get a safe retention. But these clips have much greater utility since they are also able to present strapless bikini bras and tops, exponentially expanding the presentation possibilities of this hanger.


When analysing the clips of the PBAH model in detail you can observe that inside the clip there is a piece of metal that exerts pressure to close the clips and, due to the force that this piece can do, it is also possible to perfectly hold thicker or heavier fabrics.

In addition, the clip ends of the PBAH model are equipped with a non-slip rubber that allows to offer better support and retention to the garments in addition to protecting them by avoiding damaging the more delicate fabrics.

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